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Balconies Waterproofing

Protecting Your Property's Beauty

Balconies are a desirable feature in both commercial and residential buildings as they enhance the overall beauty and value of the property. However, damaged balconies with cracks, water leakage, and mold can make your property look unattractive and dull. At JS Waterproofing Company, we offer effective balcony waterproofing services to address these issues and ensure your balconies remain in excellent condition.

We provide different services and methods that are tailored to fully waterproof your balconies, depending on the level of damage they have sustained. Here are some major balcony waterproofing methods we offer:

    Sheet Membrane Method

    This method involves using various types of sheet membranes made from polymers, bitumen, asphalt, and other materials. The sheets are available in different sizes and thicknesses and are applied to both positive and negative sides of the surfaces using high-quality adhesive. Sheet membranes block water from entering the concrete surfaces and prevent the formation of moisture inside the concrete.

    Liquid Membrane Method

    In this method, a mixture of solvent-based materials such as bitumen, polymers, and epoxy is used. Liquid membranes are suitable for balconies with different structural surface designs that cannot be waterproofed using sheet membranes. The liquid membrane is applied using brushes, sprays, and rollers, and is effective for small spot leakages.

    Pressure Grouting Method

    This method involves injecting a mixture of Polyurethane and Epoxy into cracks found in balconies. Balconies are prone to cracks due to exposure to temperature changes. Polyurethane, being highly elastic, expands and contracts along with the surfaces during temperature fluctuations. This method effectively seals cracks and prevents water leakage.


We are committed to providing quality balcony waterproofing services. JS Waterproofing Company is a reputable company with a wide range of waterproofing solutions and top-notch services. With our experienced team, we ensure professional and reliable waterproofing results. Our pricing is affordable, making us the ideal choice for your waterproofing needs.

Balconies Waterproofing

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