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Water Tank Waterproofing

Protecting Your Water Storage

Water tanks are essential for storing water, whether underground or overhead. To ensure their longevity and prevent water leakage, it is crucial to implement effective waterproofing measures. Let's explore the different types of water tanks and the importance of waterproofing:

    Underground Water Tanks

    These tanks are built into the earth's surface. The area is excavated according to the desired storage capacity, and then the surface is coated with a slurry of cement and concrete paste. In some cases, pre-made storage containers made of plastic or fiber are installed underground. Most underground water tanks are made of concrete.

    Overhead Water Tanks

    These tanks are constructed above the earth's surface and are commonly found on terraces, balconies, or elevated structures. They can store water in large capacities. Overhead water tanks can be made of concrete or pre-made plastic tanks.

The Effects of Water Tank Leakage:

Water tank leakage can have detrimental effects on the overall system. If the water supply tank is not properly waterproofed, the water pressure can cause leaks. This can lead to the penetration of underground water and soluble salts, resulting in structural damage and the formation of cracks.

Another concern is the growth of fungus due to water leakage. To ensure safe and healthy water for consumption, water tanks must be protected from fungal growth. Therefore, waterproofing measures should address both negative and positive water pressure, providing protection both underneath and inside the tank. Waterproofing materials used for water tanks must be watertight and safe for human health.

Why Choose Our Waterproofing Solution?

We, at JS Waterproofing Company, provide top-quality water tank waterproofing services in India. Our expert team specializes in water tank leakage repair and offers comprehensive waterproofing solutions to prevent leaks and water loss.

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At JS Waterproofing, we are committed to providing superior waterproofing solutions and services. With our expertise and guaranteed customer satisfaction, we ensure that your water storage tanks remain secure and leak-free.

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For all your water tank waterproofing needs, choose JS Waterproofing Company, the trusted name in the industry. Contact us today for a site inspection and a reliable waterproofing solution.

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