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Basement Waterproofing

Protecting Your Foundation

Basement waterproofing becomes necessary when the basement floor or foundation becomes damp or wet. Poor quality materials used during the construction of the foundation can contribute to its wetness. If you notice signs such as cracked walls, peeling paint, buckling walls, or the growth of mold, it's time to consider basement waterproofing.

Some major causes of water seepage and leaks include the presence of air pockets during foundation construction, narrow footings causing soil erosion and water seepage, clogged gutters or broken downspouts, and ground saturation. To address these issues, basement waterproofing is essential. Here are some common basement waterproofing methods:

    Interior Wall and Floor Sealers

    This method is used for poured concrete foundations. Cracks and drainage pipes are common entry points for seepage, which need to be closed permanently. Strong adhesives like epoxies or urethanes are injected into the openings to seal them effectively.

    Exterior Waterproofing Coatings

    This method involves excavating the exterior of the basement, specifically the bottom sides of the footings. The walls are power washed and dried, and then a waterproofing membrane, typically polymer-based, is applied. These membranes are long-lasting and can be directly sprayed onto the walls.

    Interior Waterproofing

    This method is suitable for minor dampness issues and is not effective for major leaks. It mainly addresses condensation-related wetness. Coatings with low-quality adhesives are applied in areas where condensation occurs.


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